Sunday, 24 November 2013

Collection at Cagecity Press Release

This week I attended online store, Cagecity’s first ever press release where my collection was showcased. Cagecity is an up and coming company who provide new designers with a market to sell their handmade designs as well as selling some vintage clothing. The event was held at an underground gallery at Charing Cross and was a great way for designers, bloggers and the team to meet and network.

The venue was bright, fun and colourful and definitely eye-catching.  Free drinks were served all night, and a colourful selection of penny sweets and cupcakes was provided. Along with this, there was a nail artist and decorate-your-own-beanie stall which everyone took advantage of and it added to the creative atmosphere.

All the designers’ work was displayed on rails for people to look through and get a feel for the style of clothing available.

This is where my graduate collection was displayed and it was great to be given the exposure and opportunity to be involved:

My work was displayed as a preview to the Spring/Summer 14 capsule collection I will be creating for Cagecity next season. Head to their website to view the amazing handmade designs already on sale or to find out more about the company and their work: