Monday, 24 February 2014

Food Art: Oreo Panda Cupcakes

Learn how to make these adorable Oreo panda cupcakes! I created these with my little cousins when I was babysitting so they aren't perfect in presentation but were still fun to make :)

Chocolate cake mix
Ready to roll icing 
Oreo biscuits
Chocolate buttons
Chocolate Spread
Silver ball decorations

1. I used a ready made chocolate cake mix to create the cupcakes

2. Break Oreo biscuits in half. This can be very difficult! I found that the biscuit shattered when I tried to cut them so I warmed them in the microwave for 1 minute before cutting which helped

3. To create the panda heads we used ready-to-roll icing. This was mainly for decoration as I don't recommend eating loads of icing. If you want a topping that can be eaten along with the cake you could create the heads out of cake too and cover in white chocolate or make a truffle.

4. Create a ball by rolling some icing in your hands

5. Slit either side of the top of the ball to insert ears

6. Cut a chocolate button in half and stick into the icing panda head using chocolate spread as glue. You can also use mini Oreos here instead of buttons

7. Using dark chocolate spread to create the pandas face

8. We used silver balls to decorate the eyes but you could use any chocolate you want

9. Spread some chocolate spread onto the middle of the cupcake to help stick the panda head on

10. Spread some chocolate onto the underside of the half Oreo pieces to stick on the arms


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Sunday, 23 February 2014

M.A.C Media Lounge at LFW 2014

During London Fashion Week I made an appointment at the M.A.C Media Lounge where they did my make-up for free and I got a goodie bag full of products! This blog post will go through the makeover and products used to achieve the look as well as the goodie bag freebies :)


I loved the products used on my skin, they didn't wear off during the day and the Careblend Powder was light in coverage but gave a flawless, soft finish. The concealer also moisturises the skin so you don't get dry and flaky like with some concealers. I really loved the colour of the blusher which highlighted cheekbones in a subtle golden pearl. The colour can be built up with more layers if you prefer a stronger look.


For eye make-up I was given a winged, feline look using gel liner with kohl eye pencil used underneath on the outer-eye. A peachy-brown shimmer eyeshadow was used over the eyelid to give some definition under the brows. To finish off lashes were winged out using Zoom Lash Mascara.


I loved this bold lip colour. First my lips were outlined and shaded in lip pencil to create a good base before being filled in with lipstick. I often find I have to reapply lipstick throughout the day but this lipstick stayed on as strong in colour as when it was first applied. 

Goodie Bag

A nourishing lipstick in a warm nude tone that moisturises lips. I love the colour and the coverage is light as you don't need to apply much to obtain a strong colour but it is still buildable.

This pink cinnamon colour goes very well with the posh tone lipstick and provides a great base with smooth texture. You can use it for lining, shaping and filling.

I love this eyeshadow, it provides a light creamy texture which creates a sheer pearlescent shade over your lids. You can apply it dry for high shine or on damp skin for a more dramatic wet-look.

This cream is for moisturing and de-stressing which boosts dull and tired skin. Iridescent particles provide dewy looking skin and the pearlescent cream is very light on the skin.

I also picked up this little makeup artist notepad where you can try out and document different looks:

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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

KTZ AW14 at London Fashion Week

Urban brand KTZ are influenced by eastern ethnic silhouettes and pattern. Layered, hooded and mirror embellished outfits dazzled on the catwalk this afternoon. It is clear that strong pattern is a key aesthetic for this brand who's streetwear influence also comes through in the sporty jackets and use of rib.

Religious references ran through the collection with hooded designs and eastern patterns. KMT often use social and religious difference as references for their designs which is explored through the freely moving billowing material contrasted with the heavy, restrictive jewellery worn around the neck.

Stand out pieces for me were the all-over sequin hooded dress and the head-to-toe gold ribbon outfit that looked like metallic armour.

And that's a wrap for my LFW coverage this season! To view the articles I have been writing for Who's Jack Magazine, please head to:

Image Source: Vogue

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Capsule Collection: Styled by Charlotte of Things I do, Think and Buy

The cropped shirt is back again! This time styled by Charlotte Fisher of Things I do, Think and Buy for Cagecity Meets. I love this summery pastel look, perfect for the coming season!

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David Koma AW14 at London Fashion Week

I cannot describe how much I loved David Koma's show at LFW today. There were some really beautiful techniques used within the collection including leather weaves, cutouts and sheer panelling. Inspiration came from the portrayal of women in Renaissance paintings. Koma took this and turned dresses into sharp, structured corset style designs with hand-woven leather strips. 

Supple leather, ponyskin and flocked chiffon came in a palette of black, cobalt blue, grey and violet, highlighted by a few cream pieces.

The fitted silhouette was contrasted with boxy outerwear, loose fitting trousers and bell-shaped sleeves. This brought a more masculine edge to this season's collection. 

My favourite details were the cutouts, off-shoulder necklines and woven strips.

Shoe designer, Alain Quilici collaborated with Koma to create open-toe boots and cutout sandals.

Image Source: The Cut

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Portugal Fashion: Joao Melo Costa and Daniela Barros at London Fashion Week AW14

International fashion is seen more and more each year at London Fashion Week, reflecting the city's diverse cultures. Tonight, I went to see a back-to-back show featuring two Portuguese designers. 

All images except the last one are copyright of fashion week photographer, Amie Caswell.

The first to show was Daniela Barros whose geometrical prints in monochrome and navy were strikingly bold. The cuts were rigid and the oversized, structured pieces gave an androgynous feel. I particularly loved sheer inserts on some of the tailored pieces.

Barros' show was followed by Joao Melo Costa, who's collection was made up of head-to-toe block colour outfits in monochrome, navy and mustard. The fit was oversized with clean lines. My favourite aspects were the use of draping on some of the navy tailored pieces and the interesting leather embellishments.

Images: Copyright of Amie Caswell

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