Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Food Art: Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Make baking more fun by adding an arty twist: Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Now I cheated slightly by buying packet mixes for the fairy cakes and brownies, but for all you expert bakers out there I'm sure you could create the fairy and brownie mixes from scratch.

Fairy cake mix
Brownie mix
140g Icing sugar
70g Butter
1tbsp Milk
Green food colouring

1. Bake your plain fairy cakes and brownie mix ready to assemble once cool (if you don't wait for the cakes to cool down, the buttercream will melt and not keep its shape)

2. Slice your fairy cakes in half to create the burger bun

3. Using the bottom half of your bun as a measure, cut out your burgers from your brownie mix

4. Mix the butter, icing sugar and milk together to make buttercream. Shape some buttercream onto the top of your burger for the cheese layer

5. Add green food colouring to the rest of the buttercream to create the colour of lettuce. Spoon this mixture onto the cheese layer

6. Gently add the top of your bun to your burger

7. Separate the white sprinkles away from the others and press gently into the top bun to create the effect of sesame seeds - for a more authentic look use real sesame seeds!

8. To finish off, add a cocktail stick through the centre of the burgers and last but not least, enjoy!

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Monday, 30 December 2013

New Years Eve Outfit and Make-Up Tips

So with it being the night before new year's eve I have been going through my wardrobe to come up with the perfect outfit to wear (last minute as ever). A new year's eve party is the perfect excuse to dress up sparkly - very on trend this season! The dress I'm wearing is a gorgeous deep red colour with a sequinned bodice from Primark - nice and affordable. Matched that with a ring that has a red jewel and some elegant earrings from Swarovski. And the outfit is completed with some on-trend chunky wedge shoe boots from New Look and clutch bag from Primark. 

New Year's Make Up Ideas

Taking inspiration straight from this season's runway shows, create some very fashionable beauty looks.

Metallic in Gold, Silver or Bronze:

To create these looks first apply your foundation, this will help the shadow stick to the eyelids and not wear off. Then cover your lids in a shade slightly lighter than the metallic shade you wish to use. Once covered, start to blend in the metallic shade from your outer eye fading into the lighter shade at your inner eye. Using a small brush apply some shadow along your lower lash line. To finish off, define eyes with a kohl pencil liner or for a more dramatic look, use liquid liner and then apply plenty of mascara.

Edgy Punk Look as seen at Rodarte:

To create this look, repeat the steps above and replace metallic shades with black shadow. For an even darker look, apply pencil liner to your waterline.

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Sunday, 15 December 2013

AW13/14 Winter Pastels

This winter, pastels are a key colour palette. Usually seen during light and hazy spring-time, this soft trend works very well for the snowy winter. The colour scheme was seen all over the catwalks and continues through to Spring/Summer 2014.

I recently bought this lovely mint green satchel which I found in a little luggage store in town. I’ve been waiting to get a satchel bag for a while and this pastel one fits right in this winter and will be perfect for Spring too – a good investment!