Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Food Art: Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Make baking more fun by adding an arty twist: Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Now I cheated slightly by buying packet mixes for the fairy cakes and brownies, but for all you expert bakers out there I'm sure you could create the fairy and brownie mixes from scratch.

Fairy cake mix
Brownie mix
140g Icing sugar
70g Butter
1tbsp Milk
Green food colouring

1. Bake your plain fairy cakes and brownie mix ready to assemble once cool (if you don't wait for the cakes to cool down, the buttercream will melt and not keep its shape)

2. Slice your fairy cakes in half to create the burger bun

3. Using the bottom half of your bun as a measure, cut out your burgers from your brownie mix

4. Mix the butter, icing sugar and milk together to make buttercream. Shape some buttercream onto the top of your burger for the cheese layer

5. Add green food colouring to the rest of the buttercream to create the colour of lettuce. Spoon this mixture onto the cheese layer

6. Gently add the top of your bun to your burger

7. Separate the white sprinkles away from the others and press gently into the top bun to create the effect of sesame seeds - for a more authentic look use real sesame seeds!

8. To finish off, add a cocktail stick through the centre of the burgers and last but not least, enjoy!

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