Thursday, 2 January 2014

Capsule Fashion Collection: Digital Print

I've been working on creating a capsule collection for online fashion store, Cagecity which showcases up and coming brands. They collaborate with new designers to help them get started in the industry and provide a platform for designers to sell their clothing. My first collection for Cagecity will be based on my graduate collection which was based on cutaway forms and strong floral prints.

The capsule collection will be made up of 5 pieces - here are some designs in their initial stages:

Getting fabrics digitally printed can be very expensive so I've been searching the web to try to find some cheaper alternatives to high end print companies such as CAT Digital. I found two websites that offer printing and seemed reasonable in price: Bags of Love and Woven Monkey. The prices end up being around £20-30 cheaper than CAT. 

To test out the companies' printing quality I ordered some samples. Ideally I wanted to test their cotton samples but I couldn't seem to find the option for that on Bags of Love so I chose another fashion fabric they offered - Duchess Satin. The print quality was excellent, crisp imagery and bold colour:

and the back:

Unfortunately the same couldn't be said for Woven Monkey's sample which came out faded:

and the back:

This is made more evident when you compare the two samples together: 

Bags of Love also offer quite a big range of different fabrics but Woven Monkey only offer 3 cotton based fabrics so I will definitely be using Bags of Love for some of my pieces to help bring the cost down without sacrificing print quality :)

My Cagecity collection will be available for the Spring 2014 season. To view my graduate collection visit:

To visit Cagecity:
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