Monday, 17 February 2014

Shao Yen AW14 at London Fashion Week

My first stop today was Shao Yen's AW14 digital presentation in the BFC Canon Cinema at Somerset House. I was expecting just a short film showcasing the designer's newest collection so I was quite pleased to realise that the clothing was being modelled live and the digital presentation was an inspiration video that ran alongside the show. 

The set design was very intriguing in all-black with plastic wrapped chairs and black plants. Behind this a video played displaying images of rippling water. The lighting was dark and gloomy with watery blue tones.

4 models glided onto set, with long and slow movements, fitting the tranquil and peaceful sound of rain falling in the background. Each model took a post on set and posed there for a minute or two before removing a layer of the outfit to reveal the pieces underneath. Every now and again, the models switched places which kept the audience interested and gave us the opportunity to really study the clothing close-up.

The collection, entitled 'Ripple,' took inspiration from the different dimensions of water, from the effect a single droplet has on a slither of water to the tranquil or destructive properties it can have. The theme is evident within the clothing through the use of glass beads, fluid ruffles and metallic PVC. A pair of trousers was sewn together at the knee in a circular pattern, mimicking the ripple effect and there were some beautiful dresses and skirts made up of different shimmering circles that reminded me of raindrops.

The feminine ruffles and and glistening dresses were contrasted against a sportier look with oversized bomber jackets and pinstripe tailored pieces.

In particular, I loved the use of sheer panels, reflecting translucent water and large faux fur pockets on knitwear. This created a lovely hourglass silhouette along with the cinched waists which enhanced the feminine feel of some of the pieces.

Images: Sunna Naseer
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