Monday, 24 February 2014

Food Art: Oreo Panda Cupcakes

Learn how to make these adorable Oreo panda cupcakes! I created these with my little cousins when I was babysitting so they aren't perfect in presentation but were still fun to make :)

Chocolate cake mix
Ready to roll icing 
Oreo biscuits
Chocolate buttons
Chocolate Spread
Silver ball decorations

1. I used a ready made chocolate cake mix to create the cupcakes

2. Break Oreo biscuits in half. This can be very difficult! I found that the biscuit shattered when I tried to cut them so I warmed them in the microwave for 1 minute before cutting which helped

3. To create the panda heads we used ready-to-roll icing. This was mainly for decoration as I don't recommend eating loads of icing. If you want a topping that can be eaten along with the cake you could create the heads out of cake too and cover in white chocolate or make a truffle.

4. Create a ball by rolling some icing in your hands

5. Slit either side of the top of the ball to insert ears

6. Cut a chocolate button in half and stick into the icing panda head using chocolate spread as glue. You can also use mini Oreos here instead of buttons

7. Using dark chocolate spread to create the pandas face

8. We used silver balls to decorate the eyes but you could use any chocolate you want

9. Spread some chocolate spread onto the middle of the cupcake to help stick the panda head on

10. Spread some chocolate onto the underside of the half Oreo pieces to stick on the arms


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