Sunday, 23 February 2014

M.A.C Media Lounge at LFW 2014

During London Fashion Week I made an appointment at the M.A.C Media Lounge where they did my make-up for free and I got a goodie bag full of products! This blog post will go through the makeover and products used to achieve the look as well as the goodie bag freebies :)


I loved the products used on my skin, they didn't wear off during the day and the Careblend Powder was light in coverage but gave a flawless, soft finish. The concealer also moisturises the skin so you don't get dry and flaky like with some concealers. I really loved the colour of the blusher which highlighted cheekbones in a subtle golden pearl. The colour can be built up with more layers if you prefer a stronger look.


For eye make-up I was given a winged, feline look using gel liner with kohl eye pencil used underneath on the outer-eye. A peachy-brown shimmer eyeshadow was used over the eyelid to give some definition under the brows. To finish off lashes were winged out using Zoom Lash Mascara.


I loved this bold lip colour. First my lips were outlined and shaded in lip pencil to create a good base before being filled in with lipstick. I often find I have to reapply lipstick throughout the day but this lipstick stayed on as strong in colour as when it was first applied. 

Goodie Bag

A nourishing lipstick in a warm nude tone that moisturises lips. I love the colour and the coverage is light as you don't need to apply much to obtain a strong colour but it is still buildable.

This pink cinnamon colour goes very well with the posh tone lipstick and provides a great base with smooth texture. You can use it for lining, shaping and filling.

I love this eyeshadow, it provides a light creamy texture which creates a sheer pearlescent shade over your lids. You can apply it dry for high shine or on damp skin for a more dramatic wet-look.

This cream is for moisturing and de-stressing which boosts dull and tired skin. Iridescent particles provide dewy looking skin and the pearlescent cream is very light on the skin.

I also picked up this little makeup artist notepad where you can try out and document different looks:

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