Wednesday, 22 January 2014

DIY Print - Vintage Knit Jumper

A couple months ago I went to The East End Thrift Store for the first time. The store is a treasure trove full of old vintage clothes with one catch - you've got to rummage through the mountains (and I mean mountains) of clothes to find something worth buying. 

The great thing about this place, however, is that you have the opportunity to fit everything you can into one of their small or medium bags and you get everything in it for £10 or £20 - depending on your bag size.

So my sister and I decided to take up the challenge head on... After some thorough digging, we came away with a £20 bag of 7 items of clothing, making each piece less than £3! Success! We kept some items for ourselves and we sold a few through eBay making a nice profit.

One item I still have with the intention of selling is this cute white jumper:

As it is quite plain, I've decided to improve it and make it a bit more interesting and contemporary by creating a colourful print.

To do this I used fabric paint and a stencil:

Using the stencil as a guide, with a protective layer inside the sleeve, I created a bright floral pattern:

I did this on both sleeves:

I then felt that there needed to be a pop of colour at the neck also to help create a more cohesive design:

To finish off, I fixed in the colour by ironing for 1-2 mins. And there we have it, a new jumper!

I will be selling the jumper through my Etsy shop: DesignedBySunna for under a tenner, where you will also find this lovely beaded slogan t-shirt:

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